The supervision/feedback is included in all certification Neurographica® courses.
In addition you can book an individual 1:1 online supervision/feedback for your drawing.
A 1:1 online supervision/feedback lasts approx. 30 minutes. Preis: 50 EUR.
If you want to receive a feed back for your drawings, leave me a message and we will arrange an appointment.


Depending on your prior preparation and desire to improve your knowledge, you can choose one of the following packages:


690 EUR


850 EUR


950 EUR


The Neurographica® Specialist level is suitable for people who already have experience working with people – coaches, therapists, consultants, managers, team leaders, HR specialists, educators, trainers, etc.

You add an incredible innovative creative method to your customer service toolkit.

The training is conducted in 2 online sessions of 4 hours each. 

During the course we work (draw) on a personal case. After completing the course, a video supervision of one personal drawing per participant on each of the algorithms is conducted.

For further questions, you can contact us. Contact.

Course tutor:

Gergana Deenichina

Gergana Deenichina is a certified Neurographica® instructor, Neurofacilitation trainer, NeuroDesign and NeuroDynamics specialist.
Professional life and business coach.
Since 2021 she is a certified trainer of Neurographica® Specialist Course.
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