NeuroGraphica® for BurnOut Prevention

NeuroGraphica® for Burnout Prevention Neurographica® is a psychological art method that combines art and psychology to promote self-expression, relaxation, and personal growth. While it may not directly prevent burnout, it can be a valuable tool in managing and mitigating its effects. Here’s how Neurographica can help in burnout prevention: Stress Reduction: Engaging in Neurographica can […]

NeuroGraphica® for Stress Relief

NeuroGraphica® for Stress Relief Neurographica® is a psychological method that combines art and psychology to promote self-expression, stress relief, and personal growth. It was developed by Russian psychologist Pavel Piskarev in 2014. The technique involves drawing simple geometric shapes and lines while focusing on specific intentions or emotions. Neurographica is based on the idea that […]

NeuroGraphica® and Emotional Intelligence

NeuroGraphica® and Emotional Intelligence Neurographica®  is a form of art coaching that combines elements of drawing, visualization, and relaxation techniques to promote self-expression and personal growth. While it is not directly linked to emotional intelligence (EI), it can indirectly support the development of emotional intelligence through various mechanisms: Self-awareness: Neurographica encourages individuals to tap into […]

NeuroGraphica® as a Coaching Tool

NeuroGraphica® as a Coaching Tool Neurographica® is an innovative coaching tool that combines art, neuroscience, and psychology to support personal growth, self-discovery, problem-solving and many other issues. It was developed by Pavel Piskarev, a Russian psychologist and artist, and has gained popularity as a powerful method for exploring and transforming thoughts, emotions, and limiting beliefs. As […]

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